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BEI polymer hydration unit

The BEI polymer hydration unit is an automated two stage dry polymer make-down and aging system that accurately meters, mixes, ages and then dispenses hydrated polymers for use in livestock wastewater treatment. In the make-down stage precise amounts of dry polymer are metered onto a diffuser plate, liquefied and thoroughly mixed. The blended polymer solution is transferred by gravity from the make- down and aging tank to the second stage tank for introduction to the waste stream. The hydrated polymer is injected into the waste stream via a positive displacement pump that delivers exact amounts of polymer for cost effective and efficient applications.

BEI Polymer Hydration

Features Benefits
PLC controlled Totally automated efficient operation
Cam gauge metering Precise and simple dry polymer dispensing
Translucent poly hopper Provides visibility of contents
Large hopper Holds approximately 100 lbs of granules
Gear drive mixer Positive mixing
316SS propellers Long lasting and corrosion resistant
Square pitch design Efficient and effective mixing
Vibration-absorbing mount Smooth operation
Positive displacement pump Precise and accurate Polymer dispensing
Poly mixing and aging tanks Durable and corrosion resistant
Working platform OSHA approved safe and sturdy
Skid mounted Easily transported and setup


Overall dimensions: Height: 10', Width: 6', Length: 7', Weight: 850 lbs

Power requirements: 230/460/575 volt @ 2.9/1.45/1.16 amp 3 phase or 230 volt single phase @ 5.4 amp

Model Capacity Mixing rate
BEI Polymer Hydration 250 gallons 5.5 gpm
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