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Soil Net LLC Introduction

Soil Net LLC, is a company dedicated to the discovery and development of polymer-based solutions that includes:  water clarification, oil clarification, bio-diesel clarification, polymer/protein binders, bio-polymers, manure separation (bovine, swine and avian), fertilizer, mulch modification and longevity and erosion control products.

Raw ManureRaw Manure
Raw Manure

Manure properties change from farm to farm. Today's farms need sustainable manure handling systems; by separating the water from the raw manure, re-utilization or recycling of water can be achieved. Soil Net has developed polymers that separate manure solids from liquids.  Five years of research work and testing have lead to the development of four cost effective and efficient polymers for commercial applications.

Anaerobic Digested ManureAnaerobic Digested Manure
Anaerobic Digested Manure

The digested manure properties are different than that of raw manure in particle size and for the lack of fibers. Separating this manure type requires a 2-steps process of coagulation and flocculation. Extensive laboratory and field testing have yielded specific polymers that agglomerate digested manure which can then be flocculated achieving efficient solid separation from the liquids.

Pelletizing Manure SolidsPelletizing Manure Solids
Pelletizing Manure Solids

Soil Net has developed a polymer protein base used to bind pellets; these proteins are a by-product of: the effluent clarification process in ethanol, corn, cassava, sugar cane, milk, barley & wheat, animal, sago, tubers and palm. The binders are used in the pelletizers to convert manure solids into organic fertilizers. The solids separated from bovine, swine and avian manure yield solids that have: fibers, proteins, phosphorus, nitrogen, micro-nutrients and organic compounds. This manure can be utilized as a fertilizer if the appropriate form to handle these solids is utilized. Soil Net's research has lead to a process that binds the mixture of manure with a protein adhesive.

Fertilizer CoatingFertilizer Coating
Fertilizer Coating

In Soil Net's final stage the pelletized manure solids can be coated with organic polymers that produce an slow release animal manure fertilizer. The coating  is resistance to breakage, losses due to temperature (e.g. Urea and evaporation) and incorporates a slow release technology. This process limits the coated fertilizer in soil loss, nutrient loss and improves movement in the soil profile.

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