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Monday, 27th of August 2012ARID Lite is a turnkey package that provides an affordable, safe method of producing recovered bedding from dairy manure.

The ARID Lite Bedding Recovery system is a turnkey fully-automated containerized system that converts raw manure into safe, reusable, high quality, low cost bedding material. see Full article

Friday, 6th of July 2012Manure Systems Inc. connects with China.

Too much nutrient-rich manure spread on agricultural land today is becoming a serious environmental problem. But with innovation and technology, people like Abbotsford's Kerry Doyle of Manure Systems Inc. are showing farmers how manure processing systems can turn the back end of the dairy industry into an asset rather than a liability. see Full article

Friday, 13th of January 2012Dealer training seminar for the ARiD bedding system.

An ARiD bedding system training seminar for dealers has been scheduled for Janunary 19 - 24, 2012 in Abbotsford BC.

Monday, 7th of November 2011Chinese delegation shops for Canadian technology.

A delegation of Chinese distributors shops for Canadian technology.

Thursday, 20th of October 2011Product Innovation Award that solves a huge problem for dairy farms worldwide.

Abbotsford, BC based Manure Systems Inc. has received a prestigious Top 10 Product Innovation Award at the 2011 World Dairy Expo held in Madison Wisconsin Oct 4 -8th for its Trident Nutrient Technology (TNT) recovery system. The award is given to the Top Innovative Technologies unveiled at North America's top Dairy Expo. Other recipients selected in this year's competition included such global companies as Delaval, Lely and Semex. see Full article

Tuesday, 4th of October 2011Manure Systems Recognized As One Of The Top 10 Innovative Products of the Year.

Lenexa, Kansas -- The votes are in and Dairy Herd Management is pleased to announce the top 10 innovative products of the year. see Full article

Monday, 14th of March 2011Low Cost Bedding Recovery System.

Manure Systems Inc of Abbotsford, BC Canada recently announced it's new ARiD bedding system. The ARiD bedding system is a dried manure solids bedding production system that recycles dairy manure into safe, dry bedding material without the use of expensive sterilization equipment. This makes the cost of the ARiD bedding system significantly less costly than competitive systems. see Full article

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