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Trident SOLO screw press

Durable, robust and efficient the Trident SOLO screw press is purpose built to dehydrate pre-thickened dairy manure to a maximum of 25% solids. The press uses a simple stainless steel auger and shaft assembly. The thickened manure is compressed and dehydrated in the unique reinforced stainless steel bar screen dehydrating chamber. The .036" slot openings provide maximum flow through the screen ensuring high capacity output and dry solids. The simplistic design eliminates the need for tight tolerances dramatically reducing wear lowering maintenance and operational costs. Robust construction coupled with corrosion resistant stainless steel components assures long life. The low tolerance design eliminates the high wear issues found in other screw presses.

Features Benefits
6" 304 Stainless Steel Screw with 2" Shaft Generates strong compressive forces, robust construction, corrosion resistant, low tolerances decreases wear and reduces repair costs.
3/8" HD Stainless Steel Flights Robust construction, corrosion resistant wear resistant, long lasting and reduces repair costs.
036" Bar Screen Wedgewire Screen Robust, inexpensive, corrosion resistant, long lasting, efficient and reduces repair costs.
High Thrust Gearbox Reduces bearing failures, provides reliable service and reduces repair costs.
Gravity Operated Outlet Door Completely adjustable, controllability, effective, reliable and reduces repair costs.
Direct Drive Gearbox Maximum torque, compact, proven, reliable and reduces repair costs.
HD Stainless Steel Housing Robust, corrosion resistant, durable, long lasting and reduces repair costs.


Overall dimensions: Length: 53", Width: 14", Height: 23", Diameter: 6", Weight: 450 lbs

Power requirements: 3 HP 230/460/575 volt @ 1 or 3 phase

Model Capacity Dry matter
SOLO Screw Press 100 ft3 / hr 20 - 25%
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