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Trident 600 manure conditioner

Trident 600 manure conditioner with Posi-Track is designed specifically for bedding recovery. It is a simple and efficient conditioner for fiber extraction in bedding recovery applications. Excellent resistance to abrasion, exceptional flow characteristics and superior fiber extraction makes the Trident 600 manure conditioner perfect for bedding recovery. The automated Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning system reduces screen clogging ensuring constant material processing rates. The new hybrid Trident Posi-Track drive system turns the screen on dependable idler wheels guaranteeing absolutely no slipping and trouble free operation for many years.

Specific Applications

Animal manure: suitable for all types of manure. The Trident 600 manure conditioner provides outstanding performance in both flush and scrape manure delivering superior capacities, exceptional fiber extraction. The Trident 600 manure conditioner is also ideally suited for operation in bio-digester systems as a thickener and a dewatering unit fiber processsing.

Features Benefits
Posi-Trac sprocket & ring gear drive Non-slip maximum drive
Rubber idlers c/w sealed bearings Durable & maintenance free
1 HP electric motor Low power consumption
1 - Internal CIP spray bar Positive & effective cleaning
Bypass return chamber Ensures maximum throughput
Full length internal spiral flights High capacity conveyance
Inlet and outlet guards Safety & positive containment
Reinforced perforated filter screen High capacity robust long life
Contra shear fiber extraction Efficient capture rates
Clear screen technology High capacity throughput


304 stainless steel construction

Overall dimensions: Length: 96", Width: 36", Height: 43", Weight: 600 lbs

Power requirements: 230/460/575 volt @ 2.9/1.45/1.16 amp 3 phase or 230 volt single phase @ 5.4 amp

CIP: Adjustable interval (recommended 15 minute on/off interval for 2 rotations duration of the rotary screen and for 5 rotations at the end of each separation cycle)

The Trident 600 manure conditioner has a perforated filter screen that is 24" diameter by 73" length.

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